Telegram group

I've created a Telegram group for Perthfurs.

Click here to join: [link]

Don't know what it is? [link] (tl;dr instant messenger with mobile, web and desktop clients)

The rules:
  • All content (chat, images, stickers) must be SFW at all hours of the day
  • No flooding/spamming*
  • Be nice to each other
Disclaimer: The Telegram group is not affiliated with this website in any way. Rules and content may differ from this site. Do not contact admins/moderators regarding activity in the Telegram group.

Feb 2018 update: We have over 130 users in the group now, woo!

* As a general rule of thumb, no more than 5 stickers, GIFs or images in a row without at least a line of text in between. (People asked for clarification)
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