Who can view my profile?

Only vouched users can view your complete profile. New users and visitors from the web will only be able to see:

  • Your avatar
  • Your display name
  • The type of user you are (new, vouched, etc)
  • When you joined the site

New users should be aware that, while they cannot view other users' profiles, vouched users will be able to view their complete profile.

Who can see my date of birth, age and e-mail address?

If you choose to display any of the above details (configurable under Account settings), only vouched users will be able to see them. This includes whether your birthday appears on the calendar.

Note that in order to effectively manage the site, these details will be visible to moderators and administrators. We will never share this information with other parties.

How can I change my username?

Your username is the name you use to log in to the site. Unlike your display name (which you can change at any time), usernames can only be changed by an administrator of the site. Usernames are never displayed publicly on the site. If you still wish to change your username, contact an administrator.

Help, i've forgotten my password!

No need to worry; you can request a password reset by clicking here. Clicking the link in the e-mail will send you to a form where you can choose a new password.

Who should I contact if I can't register or login?

For problems with account registration, logging in, duplicate accounts or other problems relating to site access, contact admin [at] perthfurs [dot] net.


Are there any restrictions on what I can use as my avatar?

All avatars must be suitable for a general audience; explicit, offensive or otherwise NSFW avatars will be removed. Make sure you own the image, or have permission to use it.

Can I use an animated GIF as my avatar?

You may upload an animated GIF, but it will only animate when displayed at full size (i.e. at the top of posts you create, in your profile, etc). Where smaller versions of your avatar are displayed, you will see only the first frame of the animation.

If the dimensions of the original image are too large or you crop it during the process, your avatar will not animate at all.


Can I edit my comments after I post them?

Yes, however comments may only be edited during a brief window of time after they are posted. This is designed to allow you to correct typos and other mistakes while still maintaining an accurate record of what was said in the thread.

If the thread is locked by a moderator, you will not be able to edit your comments at all.


What are 'connections' and why should I add them?

On, connections are a way of modelling how users relate to each other. You might add someone as a friend, or show that you are in a relationship with another user on the site. Your connections also include those users on your block list.

Friendships and relationships do not appear on your profile unless they are mutually accepted. If you are in a relationship with a user on the site, they will also be treated as a 'friend'.

Your friends list will be used by the site to tailor information to you. There are a number of handy features, such as the ability to invite all of your friends to an event or quickly send a private message to a friend.

What happens when I block someone?

Blocking a user prevents them from:

  • Viewing your profile
  • Sending you private messages
  • Tagging you in photos


What feeds can I subscribe to?

Currently, publishes the following feeds:

  • Forums - all categories (Atom)
  • Forums - per category (Atom)
  • Events - calendar (iCal)
For each feed, there is a public version (usually a shorter URL) which contains only those items which are visible to everyone on the web. There is also a private version which shows everything that you have access to. You must not share links to private feeds with anyone. If you have done so in error, you can reset all of your private URLs by clicking this link.

How do subscribe to a feed?

Atom feeds can be opened in web browsers, e-mail clients and other feed readers such as Seesmic and TweetDeck. Some websites such as LiveJournal also allow you to subscribe to feeds, with the content mixed-in with items from other sources.

iCal feeds are used to publish web-based calendars. You can subscribe to an iCal feed with desktop software such as Outlook or Thunderbird, with mobile apps, or on websites such as Google Calendar.


What markup can I use?

For a full list of markup you can use on, see this link. The older-style markup used by the previous incarnation of the site is also supported.

Where can I use markup?

Markup can be used in:

  • Forum posts
  • Images descriptions
  • Event descriptions
  • Comments
  • Shouts*
  • User profiles (multi-line fields only)

* - Shouts may not contain links to users or youtube videos.


Why does have moderators?

The role of moderators on is to:

  • Ensure that mature/NSFW content is appropriately marked
  • Remove offensive/explicit content, if posted
  • Lock posts which are overly-contentious or otherwise require intervention
  • Verify that the vouch system is being used honestly and responsibly
  • As a last resort, ban users who repeatedly break the site rules

Only trustworthy individuals are appointed as moderators on Moderators will never share your personal information with other parties.

What permissions do moderators have?

In order to carry out their responsibilities, moderators have permission to:

  • View and respond to reports of inappropriate/offensive content
  • Lock posts (including images and events) from further editing/commenting/voting
  • Edit (and delete) posts, comments, images, albums, events and shouts
  • Manage tags and species types
  • Ban users
  • De-vouch users (if their profile is found to be fundamentally inaccurate/dishonest)
  • Edit user profiles (to remove offensive content)
  • Update a user's date of birth (on behalf of that user)
  • Make posts, images or events 'sticky' (so they always appear at the top of the list)
  • Move posts/images to a different category/album

How do I report inappropriate/offensive/explicit content?

Provided you are a registered user and logged-in, a 'Report' link is displayed beside every post/comment on the site. Clicking this link will take you to a form where you can explain why you are reporting the item.

The resolution process is as follows:

  1. Submit a report regarding the post/comment. An icon will appear beside the item for all users of the site, indicating that it has been reported.
  2. The moderation team will be alerted to your report. We will endeavour to read it promptly.
  3. A moderator will review your claim and, if necessary, investigate the complaint further.
    • If action is to be taken, the moderator will act appropriately, record what they have done and mark the report as 'resolved'.
    • If no action is to be taken, the moderator will record the reason and mark the report as 'rejected'.
  4. The icon will be removed from the post/comment.

Note: You cannot report the same post/comment more than once. The moderator's decision is final.


What sorts of notifications can I receive?

To help draw your attention to posts/events/images that you are interested in, you can subscribe to receive notifications when new comments are posted on a particular item. These notifications will appear in the message centre, and you can click through to the new comment from there.

Note: Whether you visit a post via the message centre, front page or post index, the site will automatically mark any related notifications as 'read'.

While you can subscribe and unsubscribe to activity on posts, some types of notifications will always be generated. Other types of notifications you may receive include:

  • When you are invited to an event
  • When you receive a private message
  • When you transition from 'New user' to 'Vouched user'
  • If you lose your vouched status
  • If you reset your password

I didn't subscribe to post yet I still get notifications for it - why?

By default, the site will automatically subscribe you to activity on any post that you create, as well as any post that you comment on. This ensures that you are kept up-to-date with what happens on the discussions you participate in.

You can disable this option ('Auto-subscribe to replies') under Account settings.

What happens to notifications once i've read them?

Notifications remain in the message centre after you've read them, allowing you to refer back to them later. If desired, you can periodically delete your read notifications, however the site will ensure that there are never more than 250 notifications in the message centre at any one time; the oldest notifications will be automatically purged as new notifications are generated.

Private messages

Who can send me a private message?

Any registered user (vouched or unvouched) can send a private message. If you receive an offensive/spam message, you should report it to the moderation team.

What happens when I delete a private conversation?

Deleting a private message (and all of its subsequent replies) will only remove the conversation from your message centre. It will continue to appear in the other user's list of private messages. If the other user replies to the message, the conversation will be 'revived' and will appear on your list once again.

Once both users have deleted the conversation from their respective lists, it is permanently removed from the system.


If someone tags me in a photo, who can see this?

Users tagged in an image can be viewed by anyone with permission to view the image itself. If the image has been posted in a public album, this means that anyone on the web can see that you've been tagged.

You have the opportunity to approve or deny a request to tag you in an image before it becomes visible to other users. By default, you will receive a request when you're tagged in any image that is visible to un-vouched users (tags are auto-approved for less-visible images). You can control which images you receive tag requests for by visiting the Account settings page.

What should I put in the 'tags' field?

Generally, tags should be short, concisely-named and relate directly to the content of the post/user they are being added to. The most useful tags are a single word named in the plural (e.g. 'computers' instead of 'computer'). They should be meaningful and add something of value to the post.

Why should I use tags on the site?

Tags provide a quick and simple way to link related information together. Whenever you see a tag, you can click on it and see where else it has been used on the site.

They enable users to find other posts on the same topic, to track the history of a particular term, discover users with similar interests and much more. They are also used (but not exclusively) by the search.

Someone changed my tags - what happened?

From time to time, moderators will identify tags that have identical meaning, are inappropriate or do not accurately describe the content of posts.

Moderators have the ability to rename, delete or blacklist particular tags, and to merge multiple tags into one as they see fit.

Vouch system

What is vouching?

Vouching is a way of verifying that users on this site are trustworthy and their profiles are accurate.

Existing users answer a series of short questions about a new user and, depending on the answers, a number of vouch points are added to their account. Once a user's vouch level reaches 100%, they are considered vouched.

Obviously, users can only vouch people they have met or otherwise interacted with; for example, chatting online or attending a furmeet. New users are therefore encouraged to introduce themselves and start getting to know each other as soon as possible.

Being a vouched user gives you access to content that other users aren't comfortable sharing publicly. This includes some discussion topics, events and images, as well as community features like the user map. You must be a vouched user in order to organise your own events.

Why does use a vouch system?

The process of vouching new users helps to keep the Perthfur community strong, friendly and open.

Benefits for new users include:

  • An opportunity to introduce yourself to the rest of the community
  • Your profile will get more views and people will learn more about you
  • Mutual trust, knowing that everyone has been through the same process

Benefits for the community as a whole include:

  • Everyone gets to know each other better
  • Confidence that people are who they claim to be
  • Increases willingness to be open and honest
  • Awareness of the need to vouch new users leads to more public events

How do I get vouched?

A good place to start is to post in the 'Introductions' forum. It's visible to everyone and is the best place to make yourself known. Tell people a bit about yourself; how you found the fandom, what you're interested in, etc. Other users can click through to your profile and start to vouch you.

A great way of getting to know other users is to chat; either by using the shoutbox, or logging on to the #perthfurs IRC channel. People are very likely to vouch you if you've had a conversation with them.

You earn the most vouch points by meeting other users in person. The best way to do this is by attening a public event, such as a BBQ or furmeet. There are also two furry conventions in WA; West Aussie Fur Frenzy (WAFF) and Fur Out West.

What happens when I am fully vouched?

If the value of 'General location' in your profile is within Western Australia, your user type will change to 'Perth/WA fur'. You will have access to all community-only content.

If the value of 'General location' in your profile is outside Western Australia, your user type will change to 'Vouched user'. You will have access to all vouched-only content on the site, but not community-only content.

Can I lose vouch points?

Yes. If the information in your profile is found to be misleading or inaccurate, users have the ability to withdraw the vouch points they gave you. If you lose too many vouch points, your user type will change back to 'New user'. (Your vouch level must fall to 75% or less for this to happen) If this happens, correct the information in your profile and wait for users to re-vouch you.

I'm leaving Perth soon - what should I know?

When you change the value of 'General location' in your profile to outside Western Australia, your user type will drop down to 'Vouched user'. You will lose access to community-only content.

Please keep your profile up-to-date; it keeps the community informed and allows us to better tailor the site to your needs.

I'm moving to Perth soon - what should I know?

When you change the value of 'General location' in your profile to within Western Australia, your user type will temporarily drop down to 'New user' and you will need to get re-vouched. Once you have enough vouch points, your user type will automatically upgrade to 'Perth/WA fur'. You will then gain access to community-only content.

Tip: Use the forums to let people know that you're moving to Perth - it gives you the opportunity to get to know people, gives others a chance to welcome you and will help you gain vouch points!