furries @ supernova 2016

^?^______________ ^Shelley McCaw^

I still need her name now
Last modified on 29 Jun 2016 by Plixo the fox
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    I just signed up to this website in the hopes I'd be able to find that fluffy white slice of heaven and tell her the fuzzy hugs I stole from her were my favourite part of Supanova.
    ...I sure do hope none of the sweet fursuiters we saw suffered from organ failure after the weekend...it was goddamn hot inside.

    If any of you know this lovely lady, please tell her she is awesome. And to stay hydrated :D

    I hope I haven't f-ed up any etiquette stuff just now. Going to go do a bit of reading about that, methinks.
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    Shelley McCaw! That's one hell of a fursuit.
  • Sandwiches

    Thanks Plixo, you must have a good memory ;)

    Or a good notebook 0_o

    Either way!
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