sad to see Go

Can I just say thank you for the website if it's wasn't for the website I would have not found you guys and I'm so thankful that I did it's definitely sad to see the website go but times are changing hey maybe something cool might come along

But cheers for the site and bring this community together

Love RC Wolf
  • Casper

    I’m gonna miss it too! If there’s any other way to keep in contact with you guys hit me up!
    • RC Wolf

      do you have facebook, discord or telegram because we are all there most of us are on facebook now
      • Cacti Pie

        Ginandtonic86 Telegram and Justin Hayward on facebook I also have Kik and Skype.
  • Cacti Pie

    I think one month is not enough notice >< It's like december is just the time where people won't be able to protest or something.
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