Hi everyone.
I call myself Robyn Wolf.
Also known as Hybrid Creampuff.

If some of you went to the Perth anime conventions in the old days, you may vaguely remember me.
The first suit I ever built was "Ruru" the Garurumon quadsuit, many many years ago, who made his first appearance at Waicon (RIP). I didn't really know what a "furry" was back then. Ha. Isn't that funny?
Anyhoo, Ruru is currently on his third makeover and STILL taking up all the space in my crafting room...

You may also have seen around my Houndoom quadsuit (retired), Arcanine quadsuit, Simba from the Lion King, or Sven from Frozen. There are some others too.
I don't have my own fursona (did I get that right? xD), but I do a bit of charity work with my character costumes.

It's been a few years now, but I'm currently stocking up to get back into making costumes again; and i'll be crafting my own pieces again like I did in the old days.
I'm also getting back into drawing at the moment.
I draw digitally in different styles, paint acrylics on canvas, have done pet portraits in pencil, write, have done some video editing/ amvs in the past... the list goes on and on really.

And yes;

So here I am, trying to get to know guys a bit better and see what you're all about. Maybe make some new friends.

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