I'm super new and just exploring at the moment. I have yet to discover my fursona or anything I just feel like I connect with the idea of self expression beyond the boundaries of human-ness.

I really like bugs! Snakes, spiders, bats, all that good stuff but also birds and dogs and basically all living things real and fantastical.

I've heard of furries before but I guess I always assumed it was a sex thing, (I know, I'm so sorry!) so I did some further reading recently and the more I read the more it clicked with me and what I've been doing with my gender identity/expression. I'm a transgender man but I've been feeling like pressing myself into the mold of society's idea of man-ness is a little claustrophobic and unappealing so the concept of a fursona really appeals to me. Tiamat the Dragon Lady is a big inspiration!

I spend a lot of time outdoors during the day if the weather is nice, gardening, sleeping in the sun or playing with my dog. At night I am on the computer a lot, I play Overwatch almost every night, am an avid movie buff, and like to watch shows while cross stitching, drawing, or doing something else creative with my hands.

I don't have any other accounts anywhere yet.
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