Hi, My name is Thomas and I am 18. I have known about furries and their fandom for a while but never looked into it. now for the past week, I have been obsessing over it. I have gone and designed a fursuit and I will hopefully be able to get it soon. once they open up again :P I'm getting it from mischief makers if you are wondering. I am currently working at Hungry jacks in Armadale and I do overnights so my days are normally spent sleeping unless I have plans.

I enjoy playing games, camping, hanging out with my... very small group of friends ( sad I know ) I'm not the most social person out there so I'm hoping this can help me out in a way. I also enjoy listening to music and being out in cold/wet weather.

I am normally uncontactable besides work and family, but for this, I have gone and created as many accounts as I could. so if you want to chat just message me id be more than happy to reply and start a conversation. I adore Minecraft so if you want to play online together here are the two main accounts I use.

My Furry Persona: I am a quiet individual who can be extremely hyper at times. I Absolutely love hugs so don't feel afraid to do so. I tend to not start conversations and generally just try to not get in anyone's way. I do have a more extroverted side but I will leave that for you all to find yourselves once you get to know me.

Contact me:
FB - Ichimatsu Sama
Disc - ICHIMATSU #8028
Skype - Ichimatsu Sama

Main - ThomasMunro
Secondary - Speckeldcat58

As I mentioned before I am still VERY new to this all and am open to any support or just info in general about it all.

Thank you and sorry for this massive intro haha.

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