Hi all! I'm Phoenix and 24 years old, but my fursona (which I'm still figuring out completely) is named Xyphet. I'm new to the furry community and learning my way around.

I have an interest in anime, manga, gaming, and software development. I play a lot of Final Fantasy XIV but also dabble into Stardew Valley, Destiny 2, etc. I'm both a PC and PS4 gamer.

I hope to get out and about and meet everybody soon!
  • fennekit

    hello and welcome !!
  • Kasha

    Hey there Xyphet/Phoenix~
    We seem to be from different generations on the gaming front, so if you don't mind me asking;
    What's one (or more) of the anime/manga's you've enjoyed recently?
    • Xyphet

      I’m really behind on the current season of anime but I’ve enjoyed Wolf Girl and Black Prince recently, I also finished Elfen Lied. I’m a season behind on My Hero Academia but I’m really enjoying that! I’m trying to get better at keeping up with the current season.

      What about you? What have you been enjoying lately? Any recommendations? ^-^
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