Could I offer a pancake? :P

Hello everyone :)

After recently moving to WA I was told of Perthfurs, and thought I'd see about making some new friends.
My sona is a rabbit, and I am fond of most animals myself.

I joined the fandom about two and a half years ago, and currently I'm working full time as a freelance artist, taking on mostly furry commissions. I'm on FA, under the username PancakeBunny. I had always been curious, but never really had the courage to take the dive, till one day I was given a friendly nudge, and here I am.

I just recently moved to Perth myself from Scandinavia, and it's been a pretty big jump to take. But, I am set on making new friends and meeting new people, so I thought it could be fun making more furry friends if I can.

In any case... I think I will stop here, before I waffle on for too long, but I wanted to formally introduce myself here as well, instead of just the thread I commented in before :)

Thanks for reading!


Last modified on 16 Aug 2018 by Pancake
  • Cyrin

    Hi and welcome! Hope you're enjoying Perth so far :)
    • Pancake

      Hello Cyrin! And thank you for the welcome :)
      Perth has been very nice so far.
      Will admit, I'm not looking forward to learning how I will cope with the heat once winter is over, but so far, so good :P
  • Pura-Wolf

    Hi!!! Welcome to the website! Your sona looks adorable!
  • Shintaroh

    Hey, welcome to perth and hope to see you at some of the meets.
    • Pancake

      Hey Shintaroh, thank you for the welcome =3
      I'd love to get to know people, I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the place. If there are any meets you can suggest, I'd love looking into it :)
      • Shintaroh

        on a weekly basis there is a catchup of perthfurs in the city on tuesday nights it just a social thing you chat and buy dinner as well as a bit of a walk.
        • Pancake

          That sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Is it every week? I wouldn't mind going, if it is something any member can go to?
          I noticed the BBQ event was restrected to vouched members only, and since I'm pretty new to everything here I haven't been vouched for.
          • Shintaroh

            yeah its open to all and every tuesday evening.
            When you get accepted into the facebook page youll see al the events that happen and are organisaed. (i dont remember all of the events tht are being held lately0
  • Luna DeLune

    Hey, nice to meet you! It's always nice to meet another fur. I'm from Busselton, which is over 2 hours away from Perth, but I try to go to as many Perth meets as I can. I hope to meet you some day.
    • Pancake

      Hey Luna, thank you! It's a pleasure to meet you as well =3 And hope to meet you in person too.
      I also noticed you are hosting a meet up at the zoo on the 15th, is that free to join for any Perthfur member? Or invite only?
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