Hi guys c:

Hello everyone! I've recently joined the furry community and since I've moved to Australia for the year, I found you guys here on Perth furs :D

My name is Josie, my sona's name is Chubs.
I'm British/Irish, 19. A massive weeb that plays video games alot, and I draw tattoo designs as I'm an aspiring tattooist.
Chubs is a bird wyvern that is inspired from my favourite video game's monster, the Pukei Pukei (I'm still developing her).

Since I'm new to fandom, I want to meet new people, especially in my area (and the fact it's unhealthy to be cooped up in my house all day drawing and gaming hahaha).

I heard everyone uses Telegram so I set one up for myself so hollor if you want to chitchat with me c:
I have other social medias like Twitter or FB if you want to use that instead.
Also I wanted to join Perth furs FB but since I've joined so many furry groups within a day, Facebook has blocked me from joining more until the 26th :c

So anyway... HELLO! :D
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