Hi, my names Shane and I've just signed up to Perthfurs after being interested for sometime now.

I'm 27, soon to be 28, and work shift work. But mostly swap for afternoons/nights. I have always been interested in anthropomorphic animals as far as I can remember (I think..). I didn't realize there was a fandom though until I met a very friendly guy who was a furry and he showed me a few pictures and explained a bit about the fandom that made me interested in pursuing to join. Sadly I lost touch with him just after I decided to chase it up with him (Very recently managed to get back in contact with him through my good friend).

Then a few years ago I found one of my good friends was a furry and he reignited my interest to join the fandom. I asked a few questions and did a little bit of research, but I have been until now, too afraid to join Perthfurs and create an account. I don't know why, particularly after hearing how friendly the community is! So...Here I am.. Finally... Hi! :)

I haven't gone too far into thinking up a fursona as yet. I am keen on creating one though! And I am pretty sure I'm interested in having a wolf as mine. I just don't really know where or how to begin, let alone attempt to draw anything (I'm terrible at drawing things).

Some things that interest me besides work (Yes, I do actually love and have an interest in my job) are transport (mostly historic, but new also), photography and a bit of history. Also interested in board games (favorite game is Axis and Allies), but I have no one to play with really.. I do also do volunteer work with an electric tramway here in Perth, with some of my free time.

I think I've probably rambled enough now and hopefully not put anyone to sleep!

I am looking forward to becoming involved in the fandom and making new friends. Now that the hard part of joining and typing this intro has been done :D


And I just realized I haven't filled out my profile yet! Ooops. (Was going to do it before typing this intro..) Better do that now...
  • Cyrin

    Hi and welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here :)
    • Shane

      Thank you Cyrin. Still learning my way around the website. Think I've worked out where the events or meet ups are listed.
  • Luna DeLune

    Welcome! It's nice to meet you! You seem like an awesome person, and I hope to meet you in person someday.
    • Shane

      Thank you Luna, I'm hoping to go along to the furry big day out on the 2nd of June, but I am currently rostered to work the morning shift. Just wondering though if I need to say that I plan to come along or if I just turn up?
  • Lockhart

    welcome to our website. will be good to meet you i reckon.
  • Pura-Wolf

    Hiya there! It's great of you to join the site! It will be a pleasure to meet you in the future!!
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