Users who need to be vouched

I'm creating a thread so new users can request to be vouched. I know that users of this site have not been so great at remembering to vouch people after meeting them at events, chatting online, etc so by posting here, you can help to jog people's memories.

If you are a new user waiting to be vouched, please do the following:
  • Make sure your profile is filled out (especially the 'General Location' field!)
  • Make sure you have introduced yourself and either chatted to other Perthfurs online or attended events in real life
Then, comment below, mentioning any specific event(s) you recently attended or people who may be able to vouch for you.

OK, let's get cracking!
Last modified on 23 Feb 2018 by Cyrin
  • Jessy

    I was at Fur Out West ^_^ in the Dealers Den
  • Dexter

    I attended FOW 2017 😀
  • Aeon

    I've been mostly talking to people through the telegram.
    Went to the last rocko beach event & the foreshore event, but only introduced myself to a few people who I don't think use the site, unfortunately.
    • Cyrin

      We talked briefly at the foreshore meet, and of course I know you through Telegram so have some points from me :)
  • Luna DeLune

    I have been to a Rockingham Beach Bash and the Bunbury meet (for only a couple of hours each time due to work/family). I have also been talking to other furs on Facebook (as Luna DeLune) and Discord.
  • Noah Park

    I'm pretty active on the telegram! you've probably seen me a fair few times.
  • seren

    ive met up with a fur ( who is my bf lol but we met via perth furs) and im really good friends with alot of perth furs via facebook now, im going to and event soon hopefully
  • Cyrin

    Those who attended the foreshore meet last weekend, can you please vouch for Lockhart, Hoyo and anyone else who needs points :)
  • Saul Cavas

    Was at WAFF and FOW in 2017. I talk a lot when you get me on the right subjects. I came up and introduced myself to a lot of the con staff and spent a lot of time just chilling around the bar.

    Also met with people at the cactus during the night markets in perth.
    Last modified on 13 Apr 2018 by Saul Cavas
  • Chilli

    I went to FOW.
  • Shintaroh

    Usually introduce myself as Shint, Ayden or Shintaroh.

    Cons; FOW 17

    Meets; Most held in Rockingham, Recently Quay Furs, Furries on the Foreshore and some random events that pop up if I can go.
    • Cyrin

      It's not really a question of how long you've been around for. Vouching is based on people you interact with and events you attend. It only takes a handful of people to get you from 0 to 100%.

      More info on the vouching process here:
        • Cyrin

          Meeting other furs in person at events or conventions is the fastest way to get vouched (those sorts of interactions are more highly valued), but by no means the only way - it will just take more people vouching for you to get your score up to the required level.
            • Shintaroh

              check out some of the upcoming events, also there is a group that meets weekly open to anyone.
                • Shintaroh

                  i meet up with them, if you have fb or on the perthfurs page add me n i can share some more details
  • Ruffian

    I've been around on telegram and discord.

    I was at a BBQ meet in mid or late 2017 and FursOutWest of course.
  • Arramall

    I have talked to most people in the telegram chats and I also went to the recent Laser Furs and Big Day Out events.
  • AdamTheWolf

    I was at Yanga Square on 31/07/2018 :3 I need vouched points plz
  • Luna Belle

    I went to fur out west 2017 and met quite a few of the furs there. I have also chatted to numerous Perth furs online through Facebook and have met some at numerous social events aswell as gone out for coffee!! :)
  • fennekit

    i'm active on furry amino, australian furs amino and instagram and have spoken to quite a few furs !!
  • Pancake

    I was at WAFF 2018 on the Friday the 7th sept, I went to a few of the events that day, and was drawing by the arts table.
  • fennekit

    i was at WAFF 2018 on saturday and went to some of the events like the quiplash !!
  • Pura-Wolf

    Hi! I went to the WAFF convention this year! I was there for the fursuit games!
  • Aquinas Audax

    I was at WAFF 2018 for the whole weekend + friday. I was the guy with the lab coat and Nintendo Zapper.
  • Mithrim

    I was at WAFF 2018 on Friday for opening ceremony and the pub Quiz.
    Also Was at Yagan Square meet 11th September (Warren)
  • Casper

    I was at the zoo meet, and I’ve spoke to a few peeps on the telegram
  • Dragon Licker

    I was at the last Yagan
  • Raff Cascade

    Old Perthfur who has moved back to WA after a long hiatus. You know me quite well Cyrin as does Ashlyn, Yersin, Flye, Sirukie, Muchi, etc :3.
  • Pancake

    I was at FOW 2018 the entire weekend 16th - 18th November.
    Was down in the game room playing a bit of Cards against humanity a few times, as well whilst not suited, attended the fursuit walk.
  • Hurricane Wolf

    I was at FOW 2018. Such an amazing con. Was great to meet some of you!
  • Cacti Pie

    Buck buck buck buck!!!!

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