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so my old accounts were mosh and punky , cringy names loll but this is my official account with my personas official name and look, so most furs on the facebook page know me owo, but for those who dont so much my name is shay but my sona is seren , she is an artict fox cross huskey and her mate is jackal the fox <3 im 15 and my sonas age depends on mine as we share same bday she is a short chubby floof ball, im currently getting a paid ref finished up of her so i should have a good ref soon to post owo,
seren is a fun loving sona she loves jumping and evryone, but if you give the wrong impression she wont like you unless you clear it up as she is sensative, she has adhd and is an introvert unless she feels comfortable with the people she is with , she hates it when people are being annoying , well annoying to her , she loves rock n metal music and is hard core she looovvveees her mate jackal to the ends of the worlds n back
  • Animus

    Screamo is not a real genre, it's what people call Deathmetal/Metalcore (essentially anything with Deathgrowling), when they actually don't fucking know what Deathgrowling is.. -_-
    Last modified on 22 Feb 2018 by Animus
    • seren

      yah i know that its most commonly used for metalcore i just use that as it to sum it up for most people so they dont go whats metal core or whats death metal like its sums up so many actual metal genres i cant be fucked listing bcs it will confuse people
      and yeah lol people needa learn their scream and growls lol i my self still needa know a few
    • seren

      also i dont see where i have mentioned that did i say screamo idk ive read over it like 10 times now and dont even see the word lol
      • Animus

        Says so on your profile, just felt like mentioning it here. ^^
        • seren

          ahh yeah thats just me summing it all up for non metal heads to understand ya know
  • Cyrin

    Let me know if you want me to remove your old accounts.
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