Joseph's introduction

Hello all!

I've been a site member of perthfurs for a few months, and part of the telegram chat for even longer, but realise I've never properly introduced myself on here.

So, what about me...
I'm currently a student in Year 12. My favourite subjects are Engineering Studies and Maths Specialist, because I'm a big bow-tie-wearing nerd.

Joseph is my hooman name IRL, as my fursona is currently under development (although I'm seriously considering the name Soren).
My sona is currently an Arctic Fox with blue and grey striped markings, and I'm trying to draw some kind of reference sheet myself despite a lack of real artistic talent... or experience.

I found the furry fandom through the Zootopia fandom. However, I'm sure that if I'd known about the fandom before Zootopia, I'd have considered myself a moderate furry thanks to a steady diet of Guardians of Ga'hoole and Watership Down as a young child.

(reading off the intro suggestions list at this point)
Things that inspire me. On the furry side, I'm inspired by high-quality YouTubers such as Fjord Frost, Artemis Wishfoot and Rinn, to name a few. On the non-furry side, I'm inspired by people such as Steve Jobs, Dean Kamen and Elon Musk (basically, entrepreneurs and engineers).

In my leisure time, I enjoy coming up with (and sometimes following through with) insane projects involving electronics and engineering. As I type this, my current project is a three-person tricycle, which is now functional.

Anyway, that's a summary of me. Props to you if you got this far.
I look forward to meeting some of you fellow Perth-dwelling fuzzballs in the future :3

Joseph out.
  • Zeato Sliver-Moon

    hey bro welcome to the site if u want to add me on fb @ jay santos or telegram @ Zeato Sliver-Moon
  • Pura-Wolf

    Heya there! Welcome to the site! Its a pleasure to meet you! And I understand what your going through with the art department but it happens with time! Also you can ignore the question if its too personal. But what school do you go to cause i'm still in school and rather curious if we might actually go to the same school.
  • Luna DeLune

    Hey there, nice to meet another furry. I love your fursona so far, he's gorgeous. I love Guardians of Gahoole, though I never watched Watership Down (and don't plan to in the future).
    Maybe we can catch up at a meet next time, you sound like an awesome person.
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