Re-Joining PerthFurs!

Decided it was about time to jump back in with a new account considering I actually live in Perth now and not down South any more!

Hello once again everyone, I'm Vox, or Darcy, depending on which name you prefer to use. I hope to be able to meet some more people while I'm here and hope that you all have a pleasant new year.
  • Tauro

    Hello welcome back to Perth furs!! Happy new year!!
    • Vox A.

      Happy new year to you too x3
      • Tauro

        How have you been dealing with this weather?! It is so crazy.

        If you ever want to talk to anybody you are welcome to inbox me :)
        • Vox A.

          I've been alright with the weather, I used to live in the Pibara so i am used to heat, hah. I thank you for the offer as well, I appreciate it
  • Smoke Wolf

    (i know we never met but still) welcome back, man
    Last modified on 2 Jan 2018 by Smoke Wolf
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