Hello at a busy time

Hello everyone, It's Christmas and everyone is busy, but I decided on a whim to post this now.

I go by Aeon. I've known about the fandom for years, mostly looking at the odd piece of art or music. Only recently did I decide to dig my claws in and join the community, and so I found you all.

I'm still working on a fursona, but leaning towards a wolfdog as a balance of me now and how I want to be.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming (story focused more so than competitive), and I play music off and on to relax in-between. I've also dabbled in game coding (though not often anymore), enjoy the occasional woodworking project, and going to be getting into some dnd soon.

For work I do 3d animations, but its all 'hard surface' robotic type stuff, so I haven't got to have fun with it in a long time. I'm hoping to change that though and make some animations with my fursona once he's done :), Do some of my own artwork for once.

Well, that's about it for me. I hope I get to join in at some meets, maybe try this 'socialising' thing.
  • Tauro

    I am in the same boat as you. Only just come into the fandom after viewing from the outside.
    Do you have discord I found a pretty cool group if you are interested :)

    What system do you have?? I play Xbox one and have access to PS4

    Also music is awesome. Please tell me you are a metal head like me :p

    Welcome again. I hope you make lots of friends.
    • Aeon

      Hi, thanks for the welcome. What's the discord for? I'm not sure I want to jump into multiple groups at once lol.

      I mostly play games on PC these days, I have an xbox one, but its been a dust collector for a good while now.

      As for music, not a metalhead :P. Most of the stuff I listen to is instrumental, but its tough to generalise with music, I like other stuff too.
      • Tauro

        Well it's a bit of an RP a little bit of nsfw and then they are also trying to encorparate D&D but fair enough if you don't wanna rush into groups :)
        That poor Xbox 😵

        Ahh I see. That sounds awesome :)
  • Kiba

    Ello~ ^w^ socialising is nice and fun. Gets you out and about (unless it's games and stuff indoors) and is good for you. Sadly, i just wright furry stories and such so no fancy 3D stuffs. Though Blender is a good thing to use for that if you don't already have that at home or something else.

    For music, I are drummer. But got no place to drum over hear -sniffles- ah well.

    If you play PC games then we might be able to play something if you wish and we both have whatever.

    Enjoy your X-mas! じゃね! =D
    • Aeon

      Hey there, being social is so tough normally, I have a friend that occasionally drags me into a group of people I have nothing in common with, small talk does not ensue lol.

      Writing is a great skill to have, I've been meaning to read some stories, but there's so many out there it's tough to know where to start. And oh I know Blender, I actually use it for my work!

      Sad about not having anywhere to drum, a kit didn't fit on the plane I take it :P

      I'm not against grouping up for a game or two, sounds fun, we'll have to compare games later.
  • Tauro

    You said you were a writer. Would you be interested in reading my characters back story? :)
  • Luna DeLune

    Hello there fellow newcomer! I'm figuring out my fursona too, so I would love to see your fursona in the future.
    • Aeon

      Hey there, and Thanks!
      I tend to just have the site open all the time, So I guess it shows me always online :)

      For the modelling I do specifically, I use Blender. Typically for work I'll get a CAD model imported from somewhere to work on, or will have to improvise something. Theres not a lot of CAD involved in what I do though, mostly rigging and animation. It's meant that working on my sona has been really fun.

      For my sona (the head, atleast) I just started on a sphere and used sculpt tools to build him out. From there I used the mesh tools to rebuild him ontop of the sculpt and tweak from there so the faces worked better for rigging. The workflow for this sort of stuff is a lot more flexible than typical CAD tools.
        • Aeon

          The sculpt tools work basically just like virtual clay, infinitely flexible, but not incredibly precise, and it makes a ton of faces and superfluous detail. So the sphere was just the glob of 'clay' I started with

          When you want to rig and pose something, it's easier with less detail, so the modelling part was laying verticies/edges/faces ontop of the clay-like sculpture by hand, so you get fine control over 'topography'. There's a fair bit of theory to it, its kind of hard to explain completely.

          In general though, tools like Blender and Maya are for Pixar-esque stuff, CAD programs are for engineering and fabrication.
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