Hiya everyone!

Hello everyone, I'm Dexter! I'm a otter-cat hybrid, or as I like to call it, an oat. I would love to make some new friends so I thought I'd introduce myself. Have a great day/night!
  • Tauro

    YO! WELCOME!! I hope you meet some T(oat)ally awesome people here!!
    What are your interests?
  • Dexter

    Thanks Tauro, that pun was otterly hilarious! My interests are pokemon, drawing, costume making, fursuits, and making people happy. Thats all I can think of from the top of my head :3
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    • Tauro


      I sometimes have an interest in pokemon but it wears out after a while (generally its the games but kinda done for a while I think) I sometimes make costumes on a budget and wish I could make or afford a fursuit.
      Making people happy is a noble purrrrsuit
      +10 respect
      • Dexter

        I cat explain how much the fandom means to me! I understand what you mean about pokemon, it does get quite samey. I'm making my fursuit from recycled materials, except for the fur of course (that would be kinda gross xD).
  • An'wen

    Hello and welcome to the group :)
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