Hello Furs :)

Hello I have been admiring furs from a distance for years not really sure about how to join a community or any of the social ideals/standards are. I have also been wanting to get a fur suit and make a fur sona for so long. Well I hope I am welcome here and at some point make some friends :)

Tauro is short for Taurokhun my usual online handle
I have a pet cat and if I had a fursona yet it would be a wolf :) Am 23/M :)
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  • Wolfles

    Hello There!

    Welcome to PerthFurs

    What are some of your hobbies?
    • Tauro

      I am an gamer and anime lover. I like going to rock and metal concerts :) I enjoy cosplay, drinking beer and coffee. I enjoy RP and recently found out all those DDR machines are pretty fun even tho I'm a scrub at them haha.

      What are your hobbies :)
      • Wolfles

        oh man, you can't go wrong with DDR, I need to use them more!

        I'm a music enthusiast so I listen to about 30 hours of music a week, generally some form of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I used to play steam games such as Terraria & Saints Row 4, but I'm currently on the last week of my Diploma in IT Networking. so that's probably more of a focus at the moment
        • Tauro

          Haha I think I have done like 5 dances on a machine at timezone Perth. 10/10 good exercise haha

          Oh cool if I have IT problems prepare to be spammed!!
          I did a diploma in Leadership and management and just need to pass some pre entrance uni stuff then I'll be starting a Bachelors for Primary Teaching
  • Luna DeLune

    Hello, I see you have been talking on the other new users and you seem really cool. I'm new to this site, so I'm glad to see someone like you on the forums.
    • Tauro

      Aww someone noticed!! I messaged you on your post feel free to inbox me. :)
  • Kiba

    Ahaaaahhh more wolf! Can't have to many of us because that just means a bigger pack <3 heheeee~
  • Tauro

    And obviously I'm the alpha 😂 Bahaha
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