Hello there...

I'm Liam. I accidentally became a furry when I won an MK8 Deluxe tournament. In doing so, I got a ticket to WAFF. WAFF was fun and I met some new people (something which doesn't happen often for me for some reason...). I mostly sit at home gaming with my non-furry friends. I only properly joined the furry community very recently, but I've been hanging around some of them for a while.

Thanks Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • MidnightBurst

    Heyo welcome :-), other then gaming what do you do for fun?
    • Bolt

      Not much really. All my friends live far away and I'm the only one that can drive myself places right now. I want do more for fun, but my friends either don't care about anything other than gaming (a bit sad, really) or are constantly studying for the next test/exam. I'm hoping these things will change once we finish our final schooling year in November, but there are no guarantees.
      • MidnightBurst

        Still in highschool then? If so then after school end would depend on what peeps are doing, myself it was preparing for uni, lots of work for savings. I kinda fell out with my high school friends, made plenty of new ones though :-)
        • Bolt

          Yeah, still in high school. All but one of us don't have jobs right now, so most of us won't have much to do between the end of school and the beginning of uni.
  • Wolfles

    Hang on! I know you! :P

    Welcome Man, hopefully you have a good time here.

    • Bolt

      You do know me, and I know you.

      I hope I do have a good time here. There doesn't seem to be a way out once you join from what I can tell. :P
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