Hello Friends ! Im new to the community !

Hello everyone Im jes Im a seamstress who loves gaming, hanging out, obsesses over cats and love LOVES cosplay. I was introduced to the furry world by a really dear friend who no longer lives in perth quite a few years back but never really had a sona I connected with till Nissa(dutch angel dragon) started developing in my head. Im a fairly busy person but would love to come join you all at events every now and then and become apart of the community.

Nissa is my dutch AD who is a bubbly lovable tongue bleping cutie.
  • Cyrin

    Hi and welcome! :D
  • MidnightBurst

    Looks adorable 😀
  • Wolfles

    Hello! Welcome to PerthFurs!

    What type of games do you like playing? I recently got back into Rocket League and Tales Of The Abyss.

    Cats are awesome *-*
    • Nissa

      Hello ! and thank you :3

      at the moment Im just hooked on world of warcraft and can't seem to kick it but when im not playing that im either on the switch or playing board games with friends ( I have a few games nights I attend). Ive never played rocket league but looks like good fun !
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