Hi guys! I'm Nay.
I recently found this website, and I'm looking forward to going to some local fur meets and making new friends, so yeah...
  • Cyrin

    Hi there! Welcome :D
    • Nay

      Thanks! I really like your fursona, it's so cute and original!
  • Wolfles

    Hi Nay!


    What are some of your hobbies? what type of music do you like?

    I'm personally a big fan of Electro and 2000's pop.

    • Nay


      My hobbies include, drawing, reading (my favourite book's The Book Thief), and dog agility.

      I like most music, music is really cool, I wish I could play musical instruments, I especially love listening to Disney songs.
  • Jason Smith

    hi there nay
  • MidnightBurst

    Heyo welcome to the site :-). Where abouts are you? Im in Busselton myself
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