Joining Perthfurs Facebook

For those that don't know, there is a Perth Furs Facebook page here

If anyone wants to join the Facebook page, simply comment here with your real name as it appears on Facebook, and one of our lovely and/or friendly admins, will approve you.

[Edit- Seriously guys, once you've introduced yourselves (properly!!! "Hi im new. I like cows" is not a proper intro) on the forum and filled in your profile please please please either post here to let us know what account you have requested to join the facebook group on or contact an admin.

We have a large number of people waiting to be added on Facebook who have not read the instructions and created accounts/posted an intro etc. There are a number of those who MAY HAVE done so but haven't identified themselves or replied to admin messages.

Admins have to send messages to people giving them instructions over and over... its ridiculous.

Please! Contact an admin on Facebook or post here. Its not hard.


Suggestions for what to put in your introduction:

Tell us about yourself.
What species you identify with if any.
What animals you like.
How/when you discovered furry.
What inspires you.
What you like doing in your leisure time.
Do you have a FA account? Weasyl? DA?

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