Joining Perthfurs Facebook

For those that don't know, there is a Perth Furs Facebook page here

If anyone wants to join the Facebook page, simply comment here with your real name as it appears on Facebook, and one of our lovely and/or friendly admins, will approve you.

[Edit- Seriously guys, once you've introduced yourselves (properly!!! "Hi im new. I like cows" is not a proper intro) on the forum and filled in your profile please please please either post here to let us know what account you have requested to join the facebook group on or contact an admin.

We have a large number of people waiting to be added on Facebook who have not read the instructions and created accounts/posted an intro etc. There are a number of those who MAY HAVE done so but haven't identified themselves or replied to admin messages.

Admins have to send messages to people giving them instructions over and over... its ridiculous.

Please! Contact an admin on Facebook or post here. Its not hard.


Suggestions for what to put in your introduction:

Tell us about yourself.
What species you identify with if any.
What animals you like.
How/when you discovered furry.
What inspires you.
What you like doing in your leisure time.
Do you have a FA account? Weasyl? DA?

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  • RuthofPern

    Makes sense!!
  • Spiritzer

    Hey it's james hyde here Im kind of new here I would love to join the facebook group my first fursuit is currently in the process of being made.
    • Boost

      You don't need a fursuit to be a furry!
      • Spiritzer

        yeah I know I was just saying it was getting made
        • Boost

          Cool, was just saying because a few new furs seem to say in their introduction that they don't have a fursuit yet and use it as an excuse to not come to a meet until they have it.
          • Monkau

            Annnnnddd then we don't know who they are because "hi, strange unknown fursuiter" we get to know the suit, dont recognise person when they arent in suit XD
  • Monkau

    Bumpety bump, look, new people, action on a thread. Now go read the OP edit.

    Im lookin' at you, you 19 people who are queued for joining the facebook page.

    And if you have an account here but had no idea there was a facebook: "hey we have a facebook page too! You should join, if you've introduced yourself and stuff!"
  • Monkau


    Can we start getting proper introductions please?

    Suggestions for what to put in your introduction:

    Tell us about yourself.
    What species you identify with if any.
    What animals you like.
    How/when you discovered furry.
    What inspires you.
    What you like doing in your leisure time.
    Do you have a FA account? Weasyl? DA?

    If you are stumped for ideas read some of the other new people's introductions, or even older ones :3
  • Animosus

    Is there a way to sticky posts? If there is, I think this should be stickied at the top or something.
  • Lefty

    Hey, I'm Bryan Yates and I would really like to join the facebook group.
  • Kanoshi

    Hai, I am Ben Ross and i would love to join the fb group! I've been pending for quite some time now.
    • Monkau


      Check your other message box on facebook. Admins have attempted to contact you and had no response.
  • Kaharu

    Hi, my facebook name is Kaharu Fox and I want to be a part of the facebook group, if that's okay.
    • Boost


      I have clicked the everloving hell out of the "allow" button.

      EDITED:You need a good-ass introduction thread on the forums here, if you haven't got one already, too drunk and lazy to check.

      EDITED Found it, tell us more!

      Suggestions for what to put in your introduction:

      Tell us about yourself.
      What species you identify with if any.
      What animals you like.
      How/when you discovered furry.
      What inspires you.
      What you like doing in your leisure time.
      Do you have a FA account? Weasyl? DA?

      EDITED AGAIN AGAIN: I should drunk moderate more this is hella fun.
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  • Kal'Andria

    Hey what a way to keep things simple for admins, i guess this makes things a lot easier to keep up with for you guys :P
  • Brianna

    Hello! I'm Brianna Zarman and would really like to join the FB group.
  • Oxyl

    Travis Carey here if you'd like to approve me.
  • Boost

    Same way you posted here! Start a new thread in the introduction section of the forum (where you found this thread) and tell us about yourself.
  • Surrufus

    I must have missed this
    Facebook approval for
    Michael O'Mahony please
  • Surrufus

    Can I make a second request for approval for the FB Group?
  • Kortari

    I'm karlee Rees on Facebook and would like to join c:
  • Kaharu

    i accidentally replied to someone elses comment oops
    but my main facebook is catherine mcmcahon, may i join the group with that account?
  • Mollie Flaherty

    Hey im Molie/Sparky, a spotted hyena (yeen). I love all animals (mostly big cats and dogs). Ive been a furry for as long as I could remember but didn't join my local fur group until the age of 14. Nothing really inspires me however when I become motivated to do things, I become very embraced into them. I enjoy playing videogames and surfing the web in my free time as well as hanging out with my fur family. Find me on FA and DA under the name "mistyfoe"
  • Oceanna

    Hi. facebook request for Anna Eleanor. :)
  • Hanryo

    Brayden Josh
  • Daniel

    Hi! My names Daniel Palmer. I've created a profile and posted my introduction. I would love to join if you will have me. :3
  • HuskyBen

    Hi my name is Ben Lymer, and I'd like to join the facebook group. I'm the one wearing a clown mask.
  • April_Bun

    Yo, my FB account is April Oliver. I've done the introduction. Thank you ^^
  • king

    Hi I have sent a request for the fb page my real name is Rhys Kelly and my specie is a dog werewolf hybrid named king when I'm a dog I'm male and then transform into a herm werewolf my favorite animal is dog. I discovered fur about 5 year ago when on line. I like to play games. I do have a FA account look at my profile
  • LunarTails

    hey im new :3 name on fb is Taylor Jayne Chandler, an approve would be fab <3
  • Dawn

    Just requested to join the group, my name is Dawn Hall
  • Dravex

    Julian Leong on FB, sent a request if it could be approved, cheers
  • Samii

    Hiya! im Samantha Hedlam-Moffat can I join the FB. im not fully vouchered tho on here.:( ive been to FurWag 2015. I was running around with a Wolfie hat on . ive done a intro I think.. mmm. well if you guys would like to know me as the person... tho p.s not as exciting as Samii. >~<

  • Toxic Ink

    Hello. I did my intro and profile. My fb name is Leon Martin
  • Mira780

    I am new and want to join the face book group as well
  • Gypseytails

    Sorry I'm late but better late then never, on my Facebook my name is Taylor Brown.
    • Ashlyn

      Hello can you either a) send the request again so I can approve it b) respond to my friend request and I'll add you :3
  • JellyRaven

    Hi I've requested to join c: Real name is Amanda Hender, I've updated my profile. ^v^ Thank you!
  • Domino

    Zac Gray on FB, Been wanting to join FB page for a bit :3
  • Fae

    hello :3
    been floating around for a while now and id love to join the facebook group. my name is Jemma O'Neil.

    Thank you :3
    • Ashlyn

      Hello can you either a) send the request again so I can approve it b) respond to my friend request and I'll add you :3
  • Fae

    hello :3
    been floating around for a while now and id love to join the facebook group. my name is Jemma O'Neil.

    Thank you :3
  • Fae

    hello :3
    been floating around for a while now and id love to join the facebook group. my name is Jemma O'Neil.

    Thank you :3
  • Domino

    Heyo, Been on the site for a month or so now. Would like to join the FB page, Real name is; Zac Gray on FB. I have sent my request in :)
  • Frostie

    I sent a request xP my name is Tyrone Hemopo
  • Hex

    I'm really new here but I've posted an introduction, and I'd like to join the Facebook group if possible? :3 my name is Niquita Brady
  • HueZee_

    Hi my name is "Sly Hue"
    i am so glad there is a perth furry scene! i thought i was all alone on fling and mate
    i cant wait to start meeting you lovely creatures!
  • Kai

    My name's Kyle Dolan, I applied to join the group a while ago, before I was aware of how to do so.
    I've now done what is required to join. ^^
  • Aslatan

    Hey everyone

    My names Jay. Im a furry originally from Adelaide but have now moved to Perth. I came to the picnic today and was wondering if i could be vouched/added to the facebook page.
    thanks in advance :)
  • Jupiter

    Sharna Lee Robson. Pending on FB page! Gonna vamp up this profile and then intro myself for the PerthFurs page :D Lookin' forward to it!
  • BlairBat

    Hey there...I'm looking to join the Facebook group. My name is Shannoa Maree Morgan :)
    Last modified on 12 Jun 2016 by BlairBat
  • Varian à la aviaire

    Heyey~ I'll be "Isaac McCosker" on the facebooks, pending and hoping to join~
    took me a bit too long to find this post x3
    Last modified on 15 Jul 2016 by Varian à la aviaire
  • Charlie

    Hey, looking in to joining the Facebook group. Name's Cameron Green, profile picture is fire.
  • Ausenteer

    Hiya! Looking forward to join the group, my name is James Burnett
    Last modified on 23 Jul 2016 by Ausenteer
  • Bromeer

    Id like to join the facebook group please :) my name is Brody Merritt :3
  • Shintaroh

    Ayden Doust-Johnson
  • Lucky Rabbit

    Hi! I would like to join the FB group :3 My FB name is Courtni Fitzgerald!
  • Ragnar

    Nathan Ingram-Irvine. Thanks in advance friends
  • Ethan

    Hey, i like to jion the Facebook group if it is ok my name is Ethan L
  • Ethan

    Hey, i like to jion the Facebook group if it is ok my name is Ethan L
  • Wolphin

    Probably the time I should be joining fb - Ryan McConigley
  • Tenma

    Hi I was wondering if I would be able to join the PerthFurs Facebook Group my account on Facebook is Drew Mackay
  • Felix Fur

    Hey, hey. I posted an introduction in the previous page. I'd love to join the group on facebook. the names Is Felix fur.

    Much Appreciated
  • Niem

    My name is Monty Whitfield, I'm 19 and just got into the Fandom. Haven't got my fursona sorted out yet but I like it would be a feline of some discription. I have know for awhile only starting watching furry stuff over that last few months. I like gaming and 5e. I have FA but I just lurk on it.
  • Luna Belle

    Hey guys! The names Luna Belle and I'm quite new to the fandom, I've been exploring the fandom for well over a month now and so far, it feels awesome. But what would make me feel more awesome is to be accepted to the facebook page :)
  • Michael Rees

    Hey im michael rees id love to join your facebook page aswell im new getting into the furry scene ive probs been into furry for 3 years now and wanna make some new furry friends c:
  • Wulfy

    Greetings Perth furries I'm wulfy FB name is wulfgar Grimlock trying to join up to Perth furs....while I was at qld I went to the sbfm and joined up with them...

    As I can see on the page a few of sbfm furs are on the way page too so I can be voucher for 😁
  • Wade Briggs

    That makes sense. Hi my name is wade I'm a fan of furs for a long time but new to groups like this. I'm friendly to talk to always willing to listen to anyone for any reason. Love to be apart of you pack.
  • Rakkety Tom

    Hi My Name's Tom.
    My Fursona's species is a Red Panda/Fox Hybrid and he's named Rakkety.
    Love all animals, i have a Dog, 2 snakes, a Tarantula and a Scorpion.
    I've been a furry for almost 10 years without know it, was properly introduced to the fandom early this year.
    I'm on FA as Rakkety_tom
    I've put through a FB join request, My Name is Thomas L.
  • Skyril

    Hi there, I'm looking to join the Facebook page PerthFurs, I've also already introduced myself on the appropriate forum topic page and also put in a join request on the Facebook page. Hoping to get added soon!~
  • Lemon Liger

    Hi! I'm Liana but my FB is Tsume Sergal. I'm considered a "younger fur". I'm pretty shy but I get along well with most people.
    I dont really identify with any species as I have many characters and fursonas.
    I love almost all animals but especially wolves.
    Ive been a furry for six months thanks to a friend of mine.
    Many artists in the fandom including Magicdawolfie and Sandtimers (on DeviantArt) are what inspires me.
    I enjoy drawing, reading and watching YouTube videos.
    I do have FA and DA.
    Thanks :3
  • Rena

    My facebook name is Rena Monain please invite me.
  • Jackal The Fox

    so i just post the introduction here?? on the comments??
  • Thomas

    I'm Ryan O'Connell. I think my profile might be a bit further down the lift of requests because I applied for a spot a couple of weeks ago.
  • Scampa wolf

    Heyyyy! I'd love to join the face book page :3
    I'm apart of the happy trails gang and I'd love to see all the events rather than asking all the time XD my fursona is a yellow husky wolf named Scampa! She is grumpy but still amused by everyone's thoughts. I've been in the fandom since 2013 now!
    My Facebook name is Bobby Bob (hidden identity) my real name though is Abi Staniford :3
    I've requested to join :)
  • Lupin

    hi all! I've been apart of the Perth furs for a little while now and I had attended fur wag 2016 (my first fur con!) I have attended a couple meets and I'm excited to watch this community grow! I was wondering if I would be allowed to join the fb page :) my real name is Kirsten Wesemann, thank you! -lupin
    Last modified on 19 Aug 2017 by Lupin
  • Jackal The Fox

    Hi, id like to join the Perthfurs facebook page, i got into furry stuff about a month ago and ive been fully into it ever since, i dont own a fursuit, nor have i gone to any cons or meets, but i will be heading to WAFF with another furry mate, im just a young furry who likes DJ'ing and farming. i come from the small farmtown of Northam,6401 and plan to stay there for the rest of my life, but keep farming. Pleae accept me into perthfurs. Thankyou!!
  • Kanagawa

    Hey there! o/
    My name is George Moreton!
    I have two fursonas, an Arctic wolf and a Demon-cat
    I love the heck outta all animals but I love dogs, cats, panthers, wolves and foxes <3
    I was in class one day when one of my friends showed me some anthro art, I was amazed!. This was 4 years ago!
    In my spare time I love hanging out with friends and playing videogames.
    I'm on Furaffinity as 'Moreton'
    Last modified on 19 Aug 2017 by Kanagawa
  • Jason Smith

    done my facebook sign up fingers cross i get in
  • Dyre

    Hello, My real name is Jussea Sutton! I'm an artist and a nerd. Please add me ^^
  • Nissa

    Hello Ive done all of the above correctly hopefully and would love to join the fb page my name is Jesikka Barrett ! :3
  • Bolt

    Hey. I'd like to join the FB page. I've already sent a request for it. FB name is Liam Picen and I have the same profile picture there as I have here, so it shouldn't be hard to find me :)
  • Viverack

    I'm Mark Gordon, but I go by Viverack online.
    My fursona is a wolf, but I've yet to flesh out my character. I've been around for a long time, just never interacted with the community much till recently.
    Recently I have been to several events and interacted with several furs on Telegram but never took the time to introduce myself in a formal fashion.
  • Brody White

    Hi im Brody White new to all this and would love to join your fb page :)thanks
    • Shintaroh

      This is Ayden Doust-Johnson I recommended him here as hes interested in furry stuff so would be great to accept him so he can. Learn more about it
  • Neko

    I'm not good at talking about myself but I'll give it a go.

    My name is Shirley Acton and I blame Mama Wookie for introducing me to here.
    My character is a cat, with the name Neko.
    As for animals, I like Cats that's a given, Dogs and Equines.
    My cats :)
    I like to read and occasionally sew.
    The last bit I'm not sure what they are.
  • Jason Smith

    hi guys i just left fursuit group on facebook i dont see the point of it just boring :( sorry
  • Jason Smith

    forget what i just seed then i having bad day i love perthfurs facebook im big fursuit fan and im trying to make some furry friends
  • Kyle David Mills

    Hey I'm Kyle Mills, I'm 21 and I was born in Perth (currently living in NSW but moving back soon)
    I'm a Husky :3
    I love all animals except for Snakes (unless they're small and cute), Spiders and any bug or insect ;w;
    I don't really remember when I found out honestly, I just remember discovering the fandom one day and sort of decided to join o3o
    I lack inspiration, I gain happiness only from food, video games and furry art ;w;
    Eating, Video Games, wasting all my money on art
    Furraffinity: FurryWolf5 (no art posted)
  • Zephyr Wolf

    Xavier Parry is my FB name x3
  • Dexter

    I'm Devyn Button on facebook, I was wondering if you could approve me please?
  • Kuro Tamashi

    Hi, I'M Kuro :3
    I've had account on here already but can't get into so I made a new one :)

    My name is Kuro Tamashi and I love anime :)

    Thank you.
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