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Last modified on 17 Sep 2013 by Cyrin
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  • Oz Ravenheart

    I have a few small suggestions regarding the user list? (Me and Raiyoku)

    I would love to see the ability to sort the user list according to the individual columns like species or name etc.

    Also being able to view just vouched furs, just unvouched furs & a full, single-page list of all furs that is not Paged like the normal one is, would all be nice to see added in the future :3
  • Oz Ravenheart

    Also, in the vouching screen, you could use a "Don't know" answer for the "how long have they been in the fandom" question.

    I've met furs in person that I don't really know that information for before and I wasn't sure if that was used as some kind of measure of consistency?
    • Oz Ravenheart

      Either that or change the question to "How long have you know this person?"

      Seems more relevant to vouching anyways.
    • Cyrin

      There we go, added a "don't know" option to that particular question, effectively making it optional.

      The remaining questions that don't have a "don't know" option must be answered to complete the vouch entry. If you don't know the person well enough to answer those, simply don't vouch for them.
  • Sakura J Lim

    Mobile phone access via chrome and safari on android and IOS.

    Just a suggestion but have you attempted to use this site via Chrome on android OS or Safari on Ios?

    I attempted to do so the other day and found i could not log in because when i hit the log in button on any of my android devices and bring up the keyboard to type the log in boxes would disappear. Have you had a chance to see if this is functioning on mobile devices ?

    Second suggestion (When someone has the time of course as im sure all this takes allot of work and effort) Has their been thought in to making Perth furs site into a ios and android application in future ?
    • Cyrin

      We've tested the site on both Chrome and Firefox for Android; of course, different phones/tablets behave differently, so the problem you're experiencing may be limited to your device. I can tell you that the login box does not disappear on the handful of Android devices we've tested it on so far. Any more info you can give us will be greatly appreciated.

      We're unlikely to make a native mobile app for the site because it conflicts with one of our main goals; i.e. to make the site function so well in a mobile browser that a separate app would not be required. We're continuing to work towards that goal :)
      • Sakura J Lim

        Thank you for that, I was thinking it could be my device but i tryed it on a few

        Asus Nexus 7 (1st gen)
        Samasung Galaxy s4
        Asus transformer TF700
        Samsung Galaxy Note 1
        Iphone 4

        Safari on IOS
        Chrome on Android.

        It is quite possible it may have to do with a common use application on the majority of my devices. Ill have a play around to night and let you know. Quite possibly the keyboard i use. Than you for letting me know this :)

        That would be ideal yes instead of an app just use the native site :) Keep up the good work.
        • Riley

          Problem identified and fixed! There's another login box on the front page so I missed that bug when testing. You may need to hit reload multiple times in a row to force it to get the updated javascript file.

          Native apps are extremly outdated, at least for a site like this. Responsive web apps are the future! Try this page on a modern desktop browser (firefox or chrome) and make the window rediculously narrow. Seemless mobile mode WHEEEE! =^.^=
  • Kay Deer

    Make it spin. It has to spin.

    Christ, what are you an amateur?

  • Oz Ravenheart

    Directly related to correspondence I'm getting from this post:

    There should be a way to specify whether or not you want to be notified of all comment posts on a forum topic you have posted a comment on, or just the replies to your own comment post.
    Last modified on 21 Sep 2013 by Oz Ravenheart
    • Cyrin

      This should be relatively easy to implement :)
    • Cyrin

      Okay, when commenting on a post, you now have the ability to choose how you want to be notified :)

      There are corresponding options under 'account settings' which determine the defaults.
  • Riley

    How about when posts/comments are edited can we have a way to select or enter a reason, which is displayed with the "last modified" text.

    More of a feature for moderators. Because it can look weird when it says they've modified something but no indication what. :/
    • Cyrin

      If a user edits their own comment, I don't think they should have to enter a reason. 90% of the time, it'll be fixing a typo or adding something they missed the first time.

      For moderators, i'd like to see people using the "Report" function. Not only does this allow you to enter a reason for taking action, it also records who reported the problem and why they reported it. This becomes very useful when someone questions the reasoning behind a particular decision.
  • Raiyoku

    I was just wondering, under the catagories in the forum, is it possible to have a general discussion section for people to post topics and things what aren't furry related?
    • Cyrin

      I think it would be fine for people to use the existing General Discussion category for that sort of thing. I'd consider creating a separate category if there were a really large number of threads, but for the time being I don't think that will be a problem.
  • Riley

    Notify people when you tag them in a comment like this. Cyrin
  • Minka

    Not sure if im posting this in the right spot but is there way to turn off notifications for the shoutbox? I find it kinda annoying when I have this site open in a browser tab and then see a number indication notifications only to find out when I come back here its just from the shout box x.x
    • Cyrin

      I suppose it would be more useful to show the unread count for both shouts and notifications, separately - e.g:

      (5/2) Home - Perthfurs

      What say you?
      • An'wen

        Sofurry has a system, from memory, where if you hold your cursor over their notification icon, you get the number of notifications of each type, eg:
        5 Shouts
        3 Creepy Stalkers

        etc... xP
        • Minka

          Do we really need notifications for the shout box?

          If we have to have it maybe like what AndyDingoFolf suggested...Also like Furaffinty system. Where it categories each notification.
          • Boost

            I like notifications for the shout box, it reminds me its there. I wouldn't check it otherwise.
  • Boost

    More complex post voting system. Rather than just +1 or -1, things like "funny" "dumb" "offensive" "NSFW" "helpful" "informative" "agree/disagree". Would also help out with moderation if a bunch of people find something offensive.
    Last modified on 28 Sep 2013 by Boost
    • Riley

      That may be overcomplicating it. but I do agree it could use some more oomph. As it is its not changed since the previous incarnation of the site. The icons are cute but their purpose doesn't really jump out.

      Front end design is largley my area anyway so this is something for me to work on. I'd be tempted to have it show what users voted what way myself. :)
  • Raiyoku

    One section I was just thinking of having under the user profile section, is what about a box where people can list whatever fursuits they have?
    I know that not everyone has a fursuit, but there are a fair few out there, so thought it could be good if others could get to see what suits they have, especially if they happen to have more than one.

    • Cyrin

      It would certainly be cool to have a way of capturing and presenting that information. I'm mindful of the fact that there are already quite a large number of sections in the profile, so i'll have to think about the best way of going about this. Definitely a good suggestion!
  • Vulpyra

    Can we please have the option of sorting the users list by date asc/desc? That would make it a bit easier to find newbie accounts when talking to them on Facebook.
  • Toksik

    This may Sounds a big farfetched or a bit complicated, but could There be a posibibily of having a live chat system? Similar to like MS Outlook message.
    That way we can have live chat forums with follow furries and potentially boost communications with each other?

    Im not too sure how it would work, i got the idea from the email system at work.
    • Cyrin

      We already have an official IRC channel; [link]

      I wouldn't want to tread on any toes or potentially split membership between there and here. If you haven't checked out the channel, you should give it a try sometime :)
    • Riley

      The shoutbox on the front page is almost-live chat. It updates every 30 seconds or something I think.
  • Sakura J Lim

    I noticed in the profile settings where you can link your art websites that InkBunny is not a choice. Can this be added as it is the site me and Flamey use most frequently to upload our art.
  • Monkau

    Is it possible to have some kind of prefilled, greyed out text for the intro threads?

    To give newbies ideas of what they should be writing about so we don't keep getting "hi im new here" posts with zero info...
    • Boost

      Hi my name is BOOST
      My hobbies are CARS, YIFFING.
      My character is FUCKIN AMAZING
      Its species is CHEETAH-FELINE-BITCH
    • Cyrin

      I'm of the opinion that this is a problem that can't really be solved by the website. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. We already have a sticky post in the introductions forum that tells people how they should introduce themselves... and while introductions are a nice thing and something that we encourage, the user profile section captures most of the information people tend to put in their introductory posts anyway, and a thoughtfully-completed profile is just as useful from an admin/moderation point of view.

      I think we should be encouraging substantive discussion on here, rather than having people post an intro and then never post anything ever again.
  • An'wen

    Post scheduling, specifically for the events section :3
    FB and Twitter have a similar feature.
    • Cyrin

      Always happy to add new categories to the forum, but people need to actually talk about this stuff first ;) For now, go ahead and post to the General Discussion category and if there is enough interest later down the line, i'll make a separate category for it.
  • Humerus

    There are people on this site who have been dealers in convention dens who still aren't vouched.

    No one pays attention to this site - it's impossible to when every other site has a mobile platform with push notifications and alerts to tell you when new events are on, changed or cancelled.

    I get that you've lost contact with a lot of people who first helped put the website together but we really need an app. Or at the -very least- a way to push notifications to devices in a way that isn't emailed or RSS.

    If there's any way to migrate events from the perthfurs fb group to update at the same time as those on fb, that'd be handy too - as changes or updates to events are very easily pushed to everyone attending via facebook or telegram but not so easily here.

    If the site was a bit better at reminding people it exists, the vouching system can get back on its feet... and a large jump in quality when other chatrooms and groups connected to us are told to start cross-checking with the vouching system.
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