Stirling Civic Gardens!

Stirling Civic Gardens
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Guardian Kitsune
Shintaroh Luna DeLune Uno
An'wen AdamTheWolf
Hey hey lets bring back an old favorite!

If all goes well itll be a recurring event on the first of each month~
Ill push it back a week if theres a clash with a con or other significant event with reasonable notice

This is happening at the Stirling Civic Gardens NOT the Stirling Court Gardens in the city, get off at stirling station, or park in the parks parking, just a turn off before (or after, depending on direction you drive from) the train station on cedric st. We will be across the park from the carpark, near the playground, the tables undercover on the side of the playground.

I will be able to bring sausages and bread with sauces but please bring your own drinks/chips/anything else to share as funds are a little tight for me, if someone can bring an esky and a slab of water that would be AMAZING

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