WAFF 2018: 8-Bit Furs!

Pagoda Resort & Spa
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Faolan Aviternal West Aussie Fur Frenzy
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Your Mission is to support Keith and Roxy in their efforts to battle the evil forces of boredom and melancholy and spread fun and joy in a weekend of Great Gaming and Furry Fun!

Our established Head Quarters at Pagoda Resort & Spa Perth, will be functioning at peak performance with Gaming Stations, Newbie Training Programs, Scheduled Competitions to discover our best Players, and supplies are available from our Supply Depot under supervision of our many Dealers!

Also keep an eye out for our Guests of Honour. These high ranking officials will offer their time, knowledge and experience in enhancing your weekend!

For those who have never been to a Furry Convention before, here is a brief rundown on what you will find.

This will be a 3 day convention which will include many scheduled events, shows and activities. You will find Competitions and Games that will give out prizes, Panels run about some particular interests in our Fandom and Shows and Entertainment for you to enjoy. As a Furry Convention there are a few specific things you will find at this convention: A Fursuit walk which will give all Fursuiters a chance to show off their suits in a group walk which takes us around the local area. This will include a stop or two for some group photos conducted by some very generous volunteers. Keep an eye out for announcements on our Facebook Page, twitter and Official Telegram Chat Group. A full convention schedule will be released later in the year.

There will be a Dealers Den with Artists and Crafters from both WA and interstate or beyond, who have all come to give you a chance to purchase their Furry Art or Crafts! It is a great opportunity to get a good deal without needing to worry about shipping costs.

The biggest part of any Furry Convention though, is being a part of the community. The atmosphere and revelry you experience at this convention will always leave you wanting it to never end. This causes what has come be known as PCD (Post Con Depression). We at WAFF understand this feeling all too well, and so we try our best to provide many fun events throughout the year to help our local community fight this affliction after some of our neighbour conventions. Keep an eye out for these events!

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Any questions or comments please email the staff at info@waff.net.au or message our admins on the WAFF Facebook Page
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