Quay Furs 29 - Weekly PerthFurs Meet!

Elizabeth Quay Carousel
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This event has ended.
The weekly PerthFurs Quay Furs meet is back!

Similar to the Southbank Brisbane Furmeet, we meet at Perth's new Elizabeth Quay for a night of furry shenanigans in the Perth CBD!

An unofficial pre-meet at Zek Saki Japanese restaurant is usually on the cards (post on event page for meeting up with other furs) starting at 5:30.

Meet at Elizabeth Quay Carousel at 6:30 for main event meetup.

Our usual night goes from the Quay, into the heart of the CBD for maccas/kfc/HJs, continuing to Northbridge, past a number of food venues and ending at Northbridge Piazza, where there are a multitude of options (food, bars, entertainment, timezone etc)

Parking has not been an issue in the past so feel free to drive! There are also a multitude of Public Transport options available (closest to venue are Elizabeth Quay Stn, Elizabeth Quay Bus Stn, Perth Underground, St Georges Tce bus services and the Blue Cat)

Tails, ears, suits and the like are all welcome and encouraged!

New permanent route...
- Zen Saki pre-meet 5:30pm
- Elizabeth Quay Carousel (Meet here 6:30pm, leave 6:45pm.)
- Northbridge via Yagan Square to Northbridge Piazza
Last modified on 28 Feb 2017 by Volatus
  • Volatus

    Hi all,

    Please take a few moments to read the below information, as the event is significantly changing (on a trial basis).

    * We've had issues in the last couple of weeks of people who have been pushing the limits of what is socially acceptable in public. Please bear in mind that although we as furries, as individuals are a diverse group of people, there are people who in the public eye, do not see us in a positive light. Please keep all "kink" related gear including; leashes, harnesses (excl. full suiters in a full body suit), pup masks, and the like, at closed furry events. This also includes general behaviour between guests at the event - keep it SFW guys!

    * Ears, Tails, Collars, fursuits (partial or full) and all SFW furry accessories are still more than welcome.

    * The event layout is changing significantly... Please take note of the new meet location (the playground)

    * The event will now stay entirely within the Elizabeth Quay location, we ask that all attendees organise food beforehand and bring it with them to the Quay. V BURGER BAR (open till 8pm Summer, 6pm winter) and Gusto Gelato (Open late) are available at Elizabeth Quay

    * Parking regulations at Elizabeth Quay have changed in the last week, Parking is now paid until 9pm, rather than 6pm, at $8.80 per hour. We highly advise parking in other areas of the city (such as Terrace Rd, Riverside Dr), taking public transport, or carpooling, to avoid expected issues with parking. Please note that the loading bays are still only active until 6pm, and are free parking for any vehicle thereon. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN A LOADING BAY PRIOR TO THE CUTOFF TIMES!!!

    * We are also looking at extending the event beyond 9pm for those who are 18+, with a catch up meet at a local pub/bar. This is still in the works and will depend on interest in the community and continued support.

    * Quay Furs will continue indefinitely, every Tuesday of the year including any public holidays that may arise. This is a community event organised for YOU!

    As always, any questions or suggestions about the event, please feel free to post below, or message any of our co-hosts, Jamie Prieto, Shannoa Maree Morgan, Lexi Flora and Bonnie Lee Tuck; we will do our best to assist you, and make you feel welcome at our event.

    Hope to see you all in the coming weeks,

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